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Name                                     :           PARMAR KANTILAL    I.
DOB                                       :           1st June 1961
Qualification                        :           Education Diploma in Sculpture M.S.U.Baroda (1984)
Post Diploma in creative sculpture, M.S.U.Baroda (1986)
Two years Freelance Sculpture at Kanoria Centre for Arts
Ahmedabad (1986,1988)
Exhibitions                           :           Participate in All India Major
Art Exhibition Bombay Art Society
Baroda Sayaji Hotel Art Exhibition
Sculpture Exhibition at Mauritius at Ananta Art Gellery (1999)
Group Show of Kaleidoscope Art Gallery, Baroda (2006)
Nehru Centre, London (2007)
Shades & Wood Art Gallery, London (2008)
Kruti Art Gallery Baroda (2008)
Kreation Myth In Contemporary, Jaipur (2008)
Catharsis Art Gallary – Ahmedabad (2010)
Late Bhupen Berman Group Show,
Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda – 2010.
Camp                                     :           Stone Carving at Ahmedabad, Kanoria Art Centre (1986)
Stone Carving at Gandhinagar (1988)
Stone Carving at Pune (2000)
Stone Carving at Lucknow (2006)
Award                                    :           All India Arts Exhibition, Babu jagjivam Ram Art
Competition, award by P.M.Narshihma Rao (1993)
at Delhi,
State Lalitkala Award Ahmedabad (1994).

Kantilal Parmar

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