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Manohar Chiluveru is that breed of Indian Artists that has already acquired fame in India and is now set to acquire fame internationally. He is a winner of various prestigious award and has been featured in the Limca Book of Awards 2003 for largest Painting on Canvas – (Environment Protection and World Peace) Title-untitled.
Artist’s Statement
My art revolves around human conflict with his/her surroundings. Strife, discord, disunity provoke debate and argument with human manoeuvres with nature. This forms the content of my art, in both my sculptures and paintings.
The take off of my works is an impressionistic idea triggered by say a news report, and my own experiences, or the observations that provoke the meaning of human existence, in his/her own doings. Multifarious proportions are developed that express anger, agony which contrast with elemental responses of empathy, compassion and harmony with the surroundings. The mixture of this pictorial imagery of combative resistance and sensitive rejoinders give my imaginary art a distinct place, of juxtaposing opposed aesthetics of pain and pleasure.
 Art Critics’s Comments
Artist Manohar's progress into an artistic jargon with paintings, sculptures and prints is akin to an opening of gateways and subways. No wonder, the Kakatiya gateway of his native Warangal is an ever-recurring motif in differing forms, with a multiplicity of meanings, in his art. What one notices in his oeuvre, is an initial adventurous imagery aided by an obsession for movie making, that has later gradually matured and mellowed by a growing sensibility. His idiom is idea based and stretches over a vast expression that spells youthful energy and sensitivity.
A preview, shows imagery of dynamic figures, in his Giacometti like sculptures - these inspite of their liner, unearthly forms that seem to be in a perennial wild search, show a strange humanism. Their strong bodies carry a brooding expression, a veiled pulpous emotion that can be traced on their uneven organic surfaces. Symbolic gateways, baby walkers, hourglasses, milestones spread their narrative a search, a groping into the unknown future. There is a youthful vigor in these running, climbing, spindly creatures, in bright primary colours. As an extension of these gigantic pensive figures the artist has shown innovation in a series of stringy energetic figures made of twisted binding wire. They show an animated strength flowing in liner rhythm. Wires of differing thickness, ladders, spirals and pillars along with these figures make figures make absorbing composition. These lanky figures later give way to organic forms that swell, protrude and twist in a rhythmic grace, a surprising twist in their forms and in their gaps.
Yet another shift in his sculptural expression shows voluminous gigantic heads of multifarious expression. These areas later tempered with pathos and poignant stoic heads. Here a growing sensitivity towards the forms is obvious, these gave way to some perceptive installations showing intense emotional involvement - a headless man, strewn limbs exotic foliage, machine parts, strings, make a melancholic statement that engage a poetic pursue of peace in modern life. Here the artist moves closer to his raison de' enter: an endless search.
His sculptural technique involves a method, of thought and idea taking precedence over the material. In this inspired frenzy pieces of scrap, paper mesh, cloth plaster, anything that feeds his issues and arguments form feed for his art mill.
In his paintings, he manages a subtle narrative with a strong visual impact of forms that are aided by metaphors, allegory, and symbolic representation. A negative-positive friction in the theme and forms are built in a deep perspective of colorful composition. In his paintings he enjoys a wider visual perspective and subtler thought process, the vibrant tones in bold black outlines and multihued tones stretch the pictorial language to more universal concerns like environment and peace.
The etchings are finer with ethereal foliage and subdued reclined figures, in tranquil atmospheres; here the dialogue of "the search" reaches subtle narration. The aesthetics of his paintings cover an enigmatic double-edged language; of strange human forms, trees in secretive places, mysterious flowers, poetic symbols that evoke a magnetic appeal, while the textures, linear and voluminous forms, deep perceptive, involve sensory appeal.
Contextually, his process indulges a sensitive involvement with life around - the school bus in which he passed everyday, by the grand Kakatiya Shilpa thoranalu (Stone gateways) in Warangal, remained as gateways, as a growing allegorical reference, which continues into his present work. His father’s frame shop where he meddled with the left over scarp and the numerous idols of gods lying around triggered another story that found reference in may future works, just like the baby walker, the hourglass, the milestone and the bell, which aided an growing artistic language. Especially, the circular ring became a mid point where the ever-playing thoughts of material Vs spiritual, could play an eventful drama. The ring is to be seen in many paintings, graphics sculptures and installations.
What is noticeable is the wide range of materials used - Fiberglass. wood pulp, steel wires, plaster, paper, oil paints, acrylics, anything that stirs his imagery, nourishes his sculptural and painterly identity are used with flourish. Even the frames of his painting indulging innovative cutouts, found objects like bottle caps, coins, wires, bamboo pieces etc. are used with a postmodernist effect- the negative and positive forms make allegorical and contradictory statements that express the dualities that pervade his thoughts, as he sees life around him. His process of creation is one of contemplation, an articulation of thought and material.
As he moves from one series to another, we can trail a breaking away from the conventional - in creating strong, innovative visual statements and a free flow of imagery. The ideas sometimes expensive with larger issues concerning man, society, environment, world peace and sometimes coming closer with facial expressions and sensory organs. The real and the imaginary, the natural and the illusory invite the viewer to participate - the passages of time, benevolence of Buddha, the gaze of a crooked man, the folds of the skin, contemporary images of coke bottles, symbolic empty chairs and baby walkers invite participation with an innate world of experiments, with art and truth.
The products are vast imagery and subtle thoughts, raw energy and a slow discovery of universal spirit. His art is based on realistic thought and experience that has been allowed to linger in the subconscious before reshaping them on the canvass or in sculptural forms. The wide variety and experimentation has also produced few oversights. A sifting, towards a concentrated imagery and a distinctness in the depth of ideas will surely put him on the wider platform of contemporary Indian art.
Dr. Avani Rao Gandra
Art Critic, Art Historian
Born September 30, 1970,
 Warangal, Andhra Pradesh. India


Art Curator course - Sotheby’s, London 2006
M. F.A. (Print Making) at Sarojini Naidu School of Performing Arts, Fine
Arts and Communication, University of Hyderabad. 1999-2001.

B. F. A. (Sculpture) (Gold Medal at school of Fine Arts, Jawaharlal Nehru
Technological University, 1991-96.

Examiner and paper setter for;
School of Fine Arts,
Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University.


International Sculpture Symposium at Shilpa Ramam, Hyderabad, 2002
Madras Bronze Casting Camp 1997.
National Lalitha Kala Academy Regional center Madras.
Andhra Pradesh Young Artists Camp 1997.
National Lalitha Kala Academy Regional center, Mask Making Workshop, at
Theological Centre, Madurai, 1999.
The Royal Academy of Arts.
Tate Modern

Solo show Shades & Wood Art Gallery London 2008
Solo show Shades & Wood Art Gallery London 2007
Solo show MP Birla Millennium Art Gallery London 2006
HITEX International trade fair center Hyderabad 2006
Warangal Art and Culture Center 2006
Group show in Alankruta Art Gallery Jan 2006
India international binellane New Delhi (Group stall by Shrusti Gallery) 2005
Solo Show at  Shrusti Art Gallery, Hyderagad, AP, India. year 2004
Two Men Show, Diara Art Gallery, Hyderabad 2003
Solo Show, Shrusti Art Gallery, Hyderabad, 2002.
Group Show, Lakshna Art Gallery, Hyderabad, 2000.
Two Men Show, Allaiance Francias, Hyderabad 2000
Lalith kala Academy, Regional center, Chennai, best of year exhibition,
Hyderabad Art Society, All India Industrial Exhibition, 1996.
AIFACS, 50 Years of Indian Independence, 1996.
Group Show, Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University, Hyderabad, 1996
Hyderabad Art Society, All India Industrial Exhibition, 1995.
Hyderabad Art Society, All India Industrial Exhibition, 1994.
Hyderabad Art Society, All India Industrial Exhibition, 1993.
Solo Show, Warangal, 1992
Solo Show, Warangal, 1991.

Hyderabad art society 1994
Cash Award for 1996, Hyderabad Art Society.
Merit Scholarship for One Year, AIFACS, 50 Years of Independence Day.
State Exhibition Awards (1999), Telugu University, Hyderabad.
One-Year Scholarship for 2000-20001, National Lalit  Kala Academy, New

Private collections
 London, Scotland, New York, Canada, Switzerland,
Australia, India etc.

Mr. Ken Livingstone (Mayor) London
Shades & Wood London
ADP Hyderabad
Ramky Group of industries in Hyderabad
Warangal art and cultural center
Kakatiya Urban Authority (16" Monumental Sculpture)
Biological E Limited
The Citizen s Club, Warangal
Andhra Pradesh Tourism and Andhra Pradesh Marketing Committee, Warangal
Alluri College of Management, Warangal
National Lalitha Kala Academy, Regional Center, Chennai
Public Sculpture, Warangal
Public Sculpture, Vijayawada
Various Private Collections
Five prints collected by eminent artist T.Vykuntam
Anju Poddar art collector Hyderabad
Shrusti Art Gallery, Hyderabad.
Samnvai art gallery, Jaipur .
Pandol art gallery bombay (group portfolio)

Sculpture park project 1997 -1998

Largest Painting on Canvas
 (intended to raise funds for charity,)
Subject: Environment Protection and World Peace.
Size: 24.7 X 67.7 feet
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
The painting Featured in Limca Book of Record, 2003.

Manohar Chiluveru

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