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I am born and bought up in a village of Gujarat - Bharuch, and I am deeply rooted by nature, fields and sky. Obviously I am nourished in a climate of traditional environment. To say about my brief introduction-born in 1966 grew up in village BORI, studied at SHARDAGRAM and post graduated in Painting from M. S. University, Fine Arts Faculty-Baroda in the year 1992.
Apart from winning awards for paintings (1995) and Photography (1989), both from Gujarat Lalit Kala Akademi and Junior Fellowship Award by HRD-Ministry, Govt. of India 2002 New Delhi. Also my solo paintings exhibition has been sponsored by the British Council Art Gallery, Mumbai and another solo exhibition in Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai in 1994. My Group Show -Gujarat Youth Art exhibition at Bhopal - 1998, Rotary Art Gallery at Surat -2004, Shade and Wood Art Gallery -London (U.K.), Nehru Art Centre at Mumbai-2009. Both solo and group shows have been well received both by critics and the general viewers.
I am also engaged in creating Murals and sculptures in various media, such as ceramics, Terracotta, Wood and other various Materials. Personally I believe that because of spirit of lyricism in my paintings, my murals and sculptures works have been carefully planned and work out in fine composition. Many of my works are with various public places, industrial houses and private collectors, both in India and abroad.
I have always experienced in my thoughts that my work comes from the cries and confusion of human beings and always leads towards a journey through both time and space.
What I understand that, Painting on easel is like writing music in private, while making mural is like conducting a symphony in public. In my painting most probably, one does not see people. It is all a big Jungle to envelop the little man with its atrocious bigness and terrible gloom. The abundance house too, has a sad forlorn look and full of hidden stories like an endless night. Always I fill, my inspiration and observation flow from within, through essaying oils, charcoal, acrylic or mix media; No matter what our belief or non belief.

Rohit Patel

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