Sarang Fadnis profile

A multiplicity of art forms make up our heritage; no one form
invalidates another, but the components of skillful compositions, fine
draftsmanship,a sure knowledge and inspired use of color, showing
clearly the painstaking training in the fundamentals mark the works of
Sarang.A serious and competent painter, his large body of work
illustrates the technical growth and development of his own style.

Sarang's paintings- an innovative concept of naturalism, showing new
impressions of the visible world rather than the imitation of exact
appearances.He perceived light as color sensations and is concerned
with the effects of a fluid play of light. Color sensations are
perceived as constantly changing, and forms as light reflacted from a
surface,while shadows are shown to be lights of a lower intensity.
Light,not subject matter,became the most impotrant aspect of his
painting.Variations of hue and intensity of light are stressed. Here
sarang is not dramatically concerned with line.
he applied his paint to the canvas in small daubs and dashes of paint
in order to heighten the effect of vibrations and changes of light
" Here the act of painting is visible and people sense the
spontaneity,lushness of juicy paint and freedom of the brushstrokes. It
gives you the feel of the place" said Sarang. The style of Sarang's
painting has several characteristic features.To achieve the appearance
of spontaneity,Sarang is using broken brushstrokes of bright, often
unmixed colors.This practice produced loose or densely textured
surfaces rather than the carefully blended color and smooth surfaces.
The colors in Sarang's paintings have an overall luminosity because he
avoided blacks and earth colors.He simplified his compositions,omitting
detail to achieve a striking overall effect.

Sarang Fadnis
1973 born in Vadodara Gujarat

1996 b.a.(fine) painting .Faculty of fine arts,,Vadodara Gujarat India.

Art exhibition
1994 state art exhibition at Ahmedabad India.
1998 state art exhibition at Rajasthan India
2002 solo show at Akruti art gallery Baroda.

Group shows
2005 Ant art show at Baroda.
2005 Gallery 5 & 6 Rabindra Bhavan New Delhi.
2006 Kelidoscope art gallery Vadodara.
2007 Pallatte group at kaleidoscope art gallery Baroda.