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Sumitava Maity
I devote my life into my art works and new ideas which help to understand the value of natural surroundings, the soft and true relation between two living creatures.  My work is about discovering the inner nature of mind, and the way a human being communicates with nature. Every proportion of nature is perfect and all living creature are satisfied with this system except human being – they survive with their human intellect and this is the first step to disobeying the system of nature, which in turn affects our inner state of mind, in addition to this, it creates an alternate reality which requires more artificial system, its little harmful initially, but they can be like small cracks that weaken the overall structure over time. I always capture the value of someone’s thought which affects other thought process in positive direction. And also, I try to find the negative space of human activities which are affecting the balance of natural world. I am constantly trying to discover the reason which has led to the increased distance between human and nature. And I think this increased distance is the primary reason for human psychological and mental isolation with nature.  My choice of employing simple forms in nature is therefore deliberate and it conveys a simple and direct message listen to nature, orchestrate with its very system and involve our inner nature of mind for this is perhaps our only way left for survival.
Name: Sumitava Maity
Date of Birth                                       
02. 01. 1980
Academic Qualification                     
M. V. A. Painting- 1st Class 1st from Govt. College of Art & Craft, Kolkata 2005
B. V. A. Painting- 1st Class 1st from Govt. College of Art & Craft, Kolkata 2003
Awards & Scholarship                       
Award for 1st Class 1st in M. V. A. Part – I, B. V. A., Degree Part II, Degree Part I.
Awarded for best painting at World Peace Cong.2005  
Awarded for best Painting at State Academy.2005  
Ajay Bankim Gosh Memorial Scholarship for best painting at Govt. College of Art & Craft-2004,  
Certificate of Merit at Govt. College of Art & Craft 2003,
Certificate of Merit at State Charukala Parshade (information centre).
Major Exhibition                                 
Group Exhibition Shades & Wood Gallery London, 2007 & 2008
Young Contemporaries, curetted by Jogen Choudhury at AAkriti art Gallery 2007
Solo Exhibition at Birla Academy of Art & Culture 2006
Group Exhibition at Neheru Art Center 2007
Group Exhibition at Chemould Art Gallery 2007
Group Exhibition at Genesis Art Gallery 2006
Group Exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts 2005
Group Exhibition at State Charukala Parshade 2002-2003.
Participation: Annual Exhibition of Academy of Fine Arts 2008, 2006, 2005, 2002, 2001. 
Annual Exhibition of Birla Academy of Art & Culture 2005 & 2006
Annual Exhibition Govt. College of Art & Craft 1999-2005
Peace Cong. 2005
Annual Exhibition of A.I.F.A.C.S 2005
Annual Exhibition of State Charukala Parshade 2000-2003
Annual Exhibition of Oriental Society of Art & Culture, 2005
Major Workshop                                
See Explore Institute – Nadir Sange Dekha 2005-2008.
Forest Department at Eden Garden Stadium 2005
Vivada at Paranhanswa in Sundarban 2007
A Workshop by Katherine Myers at Govt. College of Art & Craft 03


Sumitava Maity

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