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Tenacity & Imagination– Surendra Dhumal’s Way to Truth         
There are people who have got something to say. For so people often do not take them seriously. But there are others, who have got to say something. People with such inner voice are rare. Such an irrepressible is their urge that it is difficult to escape attention of such people. It is this class of people who make their presence felt through their effective expression i.e. their work, language or creation. Their work is eloquent enough to remain in the memory of people for long. They are destined to grow as a class. 
Surendra Dhumal artist from Vadodara is among these latter few. Though still in the making, he is cut out to rise the size of his promise. He has a long way to go. Already his creations are a class of the promise. Surendra’s work suggests the theme – colours. Variety of colours, his media of expressing his emotions is his inseparable identity of pigments. It would be but appropriate if we try to peep into this phenomenon For Surendra his paintings are milestones he has scaled during the journey of his commitment to reach the apex. Through the 41 years of his life span, Surendra has established that he is both born as well as made artist. Distinctly, he is a born artist because the urge and inner love and voice to grow as artist were manifest from the childhood. Tenacity and imagination have been his inseparable qualities, from the beginning. Hard work, struggle to survive against odds, constant effort to break through new grounds and scale new peaks and all the time try hard to learn new things, master innovative ways speaks that he is a made artist. “ I have to go a long way” is his mantra.
After successfully securing degree in BA (Fine) in Painting & Photography in 1990, he never looked back. He participated in many art exhibitions and group shows. In case of Surendra after a stint of some social voluntary work here and there, like helping the handicapped and the leprosy victims in cultivating creative arts, undertaking interior of Arvind Ashram-Nivas of Vadodara, doing art work for social causes like awareness against malaria, tobacco, etc. He even had the chance to do decorative work in Royal marriages like that of Prince Jyotiradityraje Sindhiya, son of Late Railway Minister Shri Madhavrao Scindhiya Madhya Pradesh. All along Rashmi Dhumal, his spouse, has been a constant source of support and inspiration. Many art lovers and executives have chosen to make the paintings of Surendra Dhumal, the place of pride adoring their home and office walls. GEB and Gujarat Vidhansabha are among them. Basically a man of faith thought it was the design of the almighty he decided to proceed on the path fraught with hardships.
Though in the journey of life, a man is necessarily alone, this artist, sportingly confesses that but for the warm affection, constant emotional support and understanding of his wife Rashmi Dhumal – whom he had befriended while in M.S.University, as she was in the Museology department, he might have been a Gumrah. The union of the two proved and strength for him. But as the destiny would have its way, Surendra succeeded in securing a job in Purchase Department of Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd. Thus avenue for creative pursuit was broken open without much anxiety for livelihood.
His first love is Landscape and Steel-Life– almost to the level of obsession. It is open sky, colours of green pasture, clouds, water, ever-changing nature that keeps occupying his emotional frame. Notwithstanding the fact that Surendra has every reason to enjoy the impact & ecstasy of the great paintings of the two genius give names vangog produced, his work can never be compared, change of time and material are different.

Ground reality of Surendra calls for evaluation of his work keeping him and his work in the environs of the day, which is so very different.
Do you imagine Surendra slipping in a state ecstatic trance while eyeing he silky green grass playing with morning sunrays or the musical sound of cooling water stream, or boat lying on the shore like young woman waiting for the beloved to stretch it to waters of romance! These are the stories this artist face everyday. Ultimately for Surendra this inner urge is the driving force. Form may be based on Van Gough or anybody but the soothing sweet encounter with canvas is own.
While encountering the paintings of Surendra Dhumal, viewer may, somewhere, recall the shades of Impressionists of 19th century. However, Surendra's work is only the result of cultivation of his own style using soft and breezy brush, which speaks about his inner feelings.
One significant aspect of Surendra’s work is his continued path of symbolizing the Indian Culture, as so far done by the great Indian Impressionists.
The creations of Surendra Dhumal are the result of his endurance for searching the truth of Art by carving his own identity. But for viewers and critics, his "Yatra"will continue mesmerizing and compelling them. 
·         NAME                                  :             DHUMAL SURENDRA                                         
·         DATE OF BIRTH              :             08TH OCTOBER 1965
·         BIRTHPLACE                   :             BARODA (Gujarat)
·         NATIONALITY                               INDIAN
·         BA (FINE) Painting & Photography. Completed from MS University of Baroda
      In the year 1990.
·         Gujarat Lalitkala                            :    1988 to 1999, 2008, 09                                  
·         Udaipur Lalitkal                             :    1995, 96
·         Delhi Lalitkal & AIFCS                :    1996, 2007, 08, 09
·         Mumbai (Camel Art Foundation) :    2005, 06, 07,08
  • Recently I have achieved GUJARAT LALITKALA ACADAMY AWARD-2009 for title of painting “IMPRESSION OF NATURE – IV in memory of famous artist Late Shri Somalal Shah. 
  • Successfully presented Contemporary Artist Group exhibition at SHADE & WOOD Art gallery at LONDON during January 2009
  • Presented solo painting exhibition during 26 Dec to 31 Dec 2006 at Nehru Art Center Mumbai,
  • Presented solo painting exhibition during 14 to 18 September 2003 at Baroda inaugurated by Shri A. K. Luke I.A.S. M.D. of GUJARAT STATE FERTILIZERS & CHEMICALS Ltd.
  • Solo painting exhibition during the International Conference of Indian Institute of Materials Management – APCON ’02 in October 2002 at Vadodara inaugurated by Shri Hasmukhbhai Shah, Ex-Chairman of IPCL and Chairman of Gujarat Ecology Commission. The exhibition gained highest appreciation from foreign & national participants.
  • I have been conferred the prestigious (AIFCS) All India Fine-Arts & Crafts Society Award in 1996 for the 68th Annual All India Art Exhibition (Painting Section) for title “View from Window I” In the year November 1996
·         My latest creation of painting Impression of Nature-2007 is in collection with Royal family of Baroda, Maharaja Sangramsingji Gaeakwad at Bombay & also with Agrawal Group of Bombay  
  • My painting have also found place, even in the corporate offices of reputed government & other business houses. In addition, I am privileged to create paintings for the first building of State of Gujarat Vidhansabha.

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